Juventus v Monaco. Prussian Taras forecast

The second match of the Champions League semi-finals will be held at Juventus Stadium, the first meeting between these teams was 2: 0 in favor of Juventus. I would like to say a word about the teams as a whole, the home team is showing very good football, which was proved in the first meeting, Buffon showed himself well, having received rest in the match with Torino in order to gain strength for this particular match. The visiting team of this season showed themselves very well, it was a big surprise that this team made it to the Champions League semi-finals, but no matter how it sounds, this is the maximum this year
In my opinion, Juventus will continue their unbeaten run at home and after the first victory they will not go to defense, and then to attack, but I also expect that Monaco will be able to score their goal.

Ordinary: Loss

-1000 ₴

21: 45/9 May

Juventus v Monaco

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